Dr Markus Weinmann

Dr Markus Weinmann is the Senior Scientist R&D Technology Scout at Taniobis GmbH, Germany. Its focus is on fundamental and applied research on Niobium and Tantalum-based materials, including raw material conversion, Nb/Ta compounds and alloys and their application. The main application fields are electronics, additive manufacturing (AM) technologies, semiconductors, optics, medical and aerospace. Dr Weinmann has a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Heidelberg and a distinguished academic and employment record: 07/95-03/04 GL MPI for Metal Research, Stuttgart 10/97-03/98 Guest Scientist MSE, University of Michigan, 04/04-08/04 Professor InorgChem. (temp.) University of Erlangen. From 2004 – 2008 he served MPI for Solid State Research, Stuttgart before shifting to industry. Dr Weinmann is supervising a project in the next round.