Dr Jose Costa Requena, CEO Cumucore

Dr Jose Costa Requena, has been involved simultaneously in industry and academia for over 20 years contributing both in product development as well as cutting-edge research and innovation. After working in the private sector (including serving as the Senior Technology Manager at Nokia) and academia he created a new new business from scratch, Cumucore, a mobile private network software provider. Dr Costa Requena´s role as staff scientist at Aalto University has been in project acquisition and management, delivering working components that can be utilized in demos and obtaining practical results for research publications. Moreover, the outcome of those projects provides a functional mobile network infrastructure, currently based on 4G but extending towards 5G. This infrastructure allows the university to lead EU projects related to 5G and future 6G mobile networks.

Dr Jose Costa Requena, CEO Cumucore, is supervising one of projects in the first round.