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Boggi Aeronautics

Boggi Aeronautics was established in 1999 and is an approved Design and Production Organisation (DOA, POA) by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). Its leading team employs experienced aerospace, mechanical, and electrical engineers who apply creative conceptual approaches to tackle complicated integration challenges in the aviation field. Boggi Aeronautics works with several partners, and it is active as an equipment integration development centre for special missions with the capability to modify aeronautical products from their original design approval. Medical equipment installations for heli/aero-ambulance, detection systems, cameras integrations, aerial work systems (helibasket, pilot improvement visibility systems), repairs/modifications, UAVs, infant incubator for Helicopter Emergency Medical Services, airborne COVID-19 proof bio-containment are just some of Boggi’s products. Boggi´s design activities start by first understanding customer needs, then focus on finding elegant solutions and follow the process right up to certifying approved products under EASA rules. 

Boggi Aeronautics is hosting the following positions:


Boggi offers to their Researchers a wide range of training and mentoring opportunities, including:

– Mentoring program: Boggi Aeronautics staff including PhD and MSc Engineers will support the PHD student providing guidelines and support to her/him. The candidate will be supported in logistic problems as well. Likewise, at University of Bologna each PhD student is coached and mentored by a supervisor whose duty is to counsel and guide the student in carrying out his/her research activities. Furthermore, the University of Bologna offers a mental health service that is available for all students free of charge.

– Courses and training opportunities: Boggi Aeronautics staff participates to training events, often EASA certified.

– Cultural and social activities: Company team lunch is offered once per year. Likewise, UNIBO offers sport activities and discounts for museums, cinemas and other cultural initiatives.