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Ruhr University Bochum


RUHR University in Bochum is the degree awarding university.

– Located in the heart of Europe in the dynamic metropolitan region of the Ruhrgebiet, RUB with its 21 faculties is home to 42,600 students from over 130 countries.

– The established research focus areas at RUB are organised using Research Departments and lie in Solvation Science, Cyber Security, Neuroscience, Materials Research, Plasmas with Complex Interactions, Religious Studies, Protein Science, Subsurface Modeling and Engineering, and Closed Carbon Cycle Economy.

– The RUB campus is home to science, research and student life on a grand scale. It is a micro-cosmos, in which research and recreation, nature and culture complement each other. Ancient relicts, exotic plants and classical concerts exist side by side with experimental theatre production and exuberant student parties. The university sports department provides a wealth of recreational and challenging disciplines, on campus as well as in the university gym in the city. In June, all RUB members are invited to celebrate the summer festival, with fireworks being the highlight that marks the end of the party. All this means that the RUB campus is as vibrant and multi-facetted as life itself.