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Universitat Internacional de Catalunya

At Barcelona´s Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (UIC), our mission is to transform the world through the transfer of knowledge. As a result, UIC Barcelona students are service-minded and dedicated to change and continuous learning thanks to their transformative vision and responsiveness to change and global needs. UIC Barcelona offers a highly-personalized education with a strong vocational element and an international character, with students from 99 countries. The Barcelona Campus houses the Humanities, Communication Sciences, Law, Economics and Social Sciences Faculties, as well as the School of Architecture. The Sant Cugat Campus, 16km from Barcelona, is home to the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, the Faculty of Dentistry and the Faculty of Education. The university comprises eight faculties in addition to the Doctorate School,

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UIC offers to its Doctoral Students a wide range of benefits, including:

– Mentoring program: UIC School of Doctorate offers coaching and mentoring trough the thesis supervisor and the Doctoral Academic Committee (DAC)

– Courses and training opportunities: UIC Barcelona offers the Gaudi-R Program designed to provide support, guidance and training in research and transfer to all UIC Barcelona Doctoral Sutdents. It is organized by the Vicerrectorate for Research, Innovation and Knowledge Transfer. Some of the research sessions are: How to write a scientific article, How to write a proposal, How to search partners for Horizon Europe, Leadership, Knowledge protection, etc.

– Language courses: The Institute for Multilingualism comprises the Third Languages Office and Catalan Office. It offers language courses for all the community. There are special prices for students.

– Relocation support: UIC Barcelona offers advice to help you search for accommodation.

– Cultural and social activities: The International Relations Service organizes once a year a Welcome Session where all the international students are invited. Likewise, the Student Services organizes cultural and social activities and provides you information about extracurricular academics, student card, accommodation, grants, etc.

– Engagement with industry: the Doctoral Student will closely work with relevant industry partners and benefit from specific training and mentoring opportunities (i.e. secondments, site visits, access to facilities and data, etc.)