Research partners

Université de Rennes 1

Université de Rennes 1 is the degree awarding university. Universite de Rennes 1 (UR1) is internationally acknowledged as one of the top scientific universities in France. Research at UR1 is organized along four major domains, corresponding to four graduate schools: Mathematics & ICT, Life Sciences, Materials Science, and Humanities & Social Sciences. Universite Rennes 1 is linked to the beneficiary by delivering the doctoral degrees.UR1 is currently involved in more than 30 H2020 projects, has been involved in 43 FP7 projects, and in numerous other European initiatives such as the EIT Digital and Erasmus Mundus Master Courses. UR1 therefore has extensive experience in project management with support for IPR and finance. UR1 takes part in the EDUC project, joint initiative of the University of Potsdam (Germany), Université de Rennes 1, Université Paris-Nanterre (France), Masaryk University (Czech Republic), University of Cagliari (Italy), University of Pécs (Hungary), which was selected by the European Commission in 2019, to be one of the first European Universities. It has obtained the HR excellence in Research label (HRS4R), in July 2020, acknowledging its contribution to the construction of the European Research Area, as well as the quality of its HR policy towards researchers.

UR1 is the PhD awarding institution of the following positions:


The doctoral school EGAAL offers to their Doctoral Students a wide range of training, mentoring and support activities, including:

– Mentoring program: The mentoring program includes frequent meeting and advising.

– Courses and training opportunities: Individual training program.

– Language courses: Yes, free language courses at the Rennes University.

– Relocation support: Yes, See the link below.

– Cultural and social activities: Yes, via Géoccontact, association of Ph.D. students of Géosciences Rennes.

– Engagement with industry: The candidate will be working closely with ITASCA. Non-academic partner engagement benefits per project: Exchange between solid matrix and fracture networks, Computation of fluid flow through fracture networks, Computation of fluid flow through planar fractures.