Dr. Malte Wagenfeld

Malte is an industrial designer, researcher and curator, whose experiential investigations, designs and texts have been internationally exhibited and published. His passion is for building a deep understanding of how cultural, social, technological and economic developments drive and are driven by design, and how we can leverage this knowledge to reimagine healthy and climate resilient urban environments for a zero-carbon future.

As well as designing physical ‘things’ his practice investigates how to design the ‘immaterial’, in particular the design of interior and urban climates and atmospheres; exploring experiential encounters with air; breezes, humidity, temperature, sound, light and smell. He has also established a practice collaborating with leading sound and performance artists, and choreographers using publicly staged events to investigate deeply topical issues revolving around the human condition; living with climate crisis, environmental issues, and post-humanism. He is currently Program Manager (co) of MDIT, RMIT University, Melbourne Australia.