Dr Graham Dorrington

Dr Graham Dorrington’s present research interests are: lighter-than-air aircraft technology and flight (performance) analysis; aerospace propulsion systems. He has a PhD from the University of Cambridge and has worked for the European Space Agency (ESA-ESTEC) Noordwijk (the Netherlands); RAE Farnborough and Bedford (UK), British Aerospace (Space and Communications. Div); British Aerospace Aircraft Division (Chester and Hatfield UK); Monarch Airlines (UK); Hamilton Airship Company (South Africa); Southampton University (UK); Queen Mary, University of London (UK). He was formally an Alexander von Humboldt Fellow, ESA Research Fellow and lists along with his many publications the accomplishment of having designed, built and flown two ultra-light (battery-electric motor powered) airships over tropical rain forest, Sabah (1995), Guyana (2004). His emerging interests: aerobiology, biological flight and he is interested in supervising PhD students in all areas of aerospace design, flight performance analysis and flight dynamics, including natural flight and bio-inspired systems.

More information about his projects can be found here:

FH Aachen DC-2