Aezid Ul Hassan Najmi

Aezid is a doctoral student in DR216 – Mechanical, Manufacturing, and Mechatronic Engineering PhD program in the School of Engineering, RMIT University, Australia. He is also working as Research Associate at the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences, Germany as an MSCA fellow under the REDI program.

His research interests lie within the scope of the global energy transition to a clean and sustainable environment in the context of UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) via Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies. His doctoral research is intended to develop and investigate the integration of fuel cell systems for industrial applications. This research is designed to be a valuable contribution to the automobile and aviation sector. Before joining as MSCA (REDI) fellow, he remained involved in multidirectional and interdisciplinary funded projects comprising electrochemical energy and hydrogen fuel cell technologies for achieving net-zero emissions by hydrogen-powered EVs and energy systems. Further, he also served as Research Associate at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong. He received his postgraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from Tianjin University, China, and a Bachelor of Engineering from the University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Pakistan.

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LinkedIn: az-najmi
ORCiD: 0000-0002-1576-763X
Google Scholar: Aezid-Ul-Hassan Najmi
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