Ali Haji Khamis

Ali is an urban planner with a research interest in the Role of Urban Planning in conserving Urban Heritage in rapid Urbanization, a case study of Zanzibar City. His study is focusing on the preservation of cultural heritage through the urban planning process. Since culture forms the basis for social-economic growth in Zanzibar city with the status of a UNESCO heritage site (The Stone Town). The study will examine factors including rapid urban expansion, the uses of open spaces, and Climate change and their impacts to build the cultural heritage of the city.

Ali has been working in the Department of Urban and Rural Planning in Zanzibar where I have been participating in varieties of planning activities as the implementation of the National Spatial Development Strategy. He led the team that prepared the detailed land use plan for Mkokotoni local town, Mahonda and Dunga to mention a few. Engaging in regional projects coordinated by UN-Habitat in establishing the Urban-Rural Linkages project on the island.

Furthermore, Ali represented the Department in the Project management office in the Ministry of Finance and Planning in Zanzibar. The Boosting Inclusive Growth in Zanzibar project funded by the World Bank Group has several elements that link to urban growth with the focus of enhancing the livability of the local community. Thus, he has participated in formulating Terms of Referencing for these projects including the Zanzibar Green corridor project and the Pemba Spatial Master plan.

Ali was awarded a prize for best student in land use planning at his bachelor’s degree level. He was able to boost his career through the recognition of the Institute of Public Administration in Zanzibar which offered the opportunity for him to teach planning-related course such as land use planning and Urban development.


Aalto University