Doina Huso

Doina is an experienced digital strategist and innovation management expert who is currently researching open innovation and digital transformation strategies for BlueTech firms.

She has previously worked in international development and policy research with CGIAR, USAID, JICA, and EU-funded projects in Japan, Malaysia, the USA, and globally. In addition, she has worked as a strategic communications consultant for private companies and volunteered in several NGOs.

In her work, she combines digital transformation strategies and cross-functional teamwork with rigorous data analysis and communications skills to deliver online platforms, multimedia products, and global marketing campaigns.

With a unique understanding of business development, innovation, and digital transformation, Doina has been able to implement and study strategy, design thinking, and knowledge management in several fields including BlueTech, transportation systems, tourism, law, and ICT.

She holds an M.B.A. from Kyoto University in Japan, a Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Strategies from Columbia University in the USA, and an integrated Bachelor & Master’s degree in Business Informatics from the University of Tirana. Doina is fluent in English, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, French, and Portuguese besides her native Albanian.


LinkedIn: Doina Huso
Twitter: @doinah1