Julián Jerónimo Bañuelos

Julián Jerónimo Bañuelos is a Mexican national enrolled in the position of Ambient intelligence and wireless communications at Aalto University in Greater Helsinki, Finland, as part of the REDI PhD program. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from the National Technological Institute of Mexico and his joint master’s degree in Advanced Systems Dependability from the University of St Andrews, Université de Lorraine, and the National University of Ireland, Maynooth. Prior to joining the REDI program, he was affiliated with the Hungarian Bionic Vision Center (Magyar Bionikus Látásközpont) and the Ányos Jedlik Research and Development Laboratory in Budapest, Hungary, working as a research assistant and lead mobile engineer in the Bionic Eyeglass and LetSee platforms.

His research involves applying Artificial Intelligence and Human-Computer Interaction techniques for the development of applications for the remote monitoring of people in the healthcare context. Julián is a social entrepreneurial enthusiast who is driven to combine cutting-edge technologies and state-of-the-art research to create novel and dependable solutions in the context of social awareness and human development.

Research project: AI in communications for remote healthcare