Michalina Maria Czaplicka

Misia, a PhD researcher jointly affiliated with Politecnico di Torino and RMIT Australia, is currently engaged in works on the development of a vasculature model using cutting-edge organ-on-chip and microfluidics technology. Her research focuses on harnessing the potential of this model as a versatile and functional unit for progressive 3D solutions, including applications in pathology monitoring, drug screening, and integration into Lab-on-a-chip systems.

Trained as a biomedical engineer, Misia’s research interests are centred around tissue engineering and space biology. Her academic journey includes the pursuit of a double Master of Science degree in Molecular Medicine, achieved through the esteemed Erasmus Mundus International Master in Innovative Medicine (IMIM) program at the University of Groningen and Uppsala University.

Misia’s academic journey is shaped by her research experiences. While at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid in Spain, she had the opportunity to broaden her knowledge in biomaterials and regenerative medicine, along with exploring 3D Bioprinting and micro/nanofabrication techniques. Subsequently, during her Master’s thesis at the Department of Microgravity and Translational Regenerative Medicine at Otto von Guericke University, she engaged in in-depth research, exploring the simulated microgravity-aided generation of scaffold-free 3D tissue constructs.