Runeal Ramma

Runeal is an aerospace engineer by formation, and he completed his bachelor’s degree at RMIT University in Australia.

During his bachelor’s degree, his research was focused on carbon fibre reinforced polymers for the aerospace sector which was presented during the Smart Materials and Surfaces conference in Athens, Greece in 2022. Being an enthusiast about advanced manufacturing and materials for engineering applications, he is currently completing his PhD in Additive Manufacturing for metal-metal composites using laser-based direct energy deposition (DED). His research work aims at developing thermomechanical models and simulating the complex process to optimise the processing parameters in an attempt to make DED technology more reliable and reproducible for the industrial sector.

He is currently a researcher at the International Centre for Numerical Methods in Engineering (CIMNE) in association with the Technical University of Catalonia (Spain) and RMIT (Australia). He is also a member of the Institution of Engineers Australia since 2019 and has been actively participating in seminars and case studies regarding engineering projects in Australia. He also worked as an aerospace engineer at the MRIC ground station (Mauritius) participating in the mission control operations of the satellite MIRSAT-1 and used appropriate satellite data to compile an algorithm for illegal ship detection in the Indian Ocean surrounding Mauritius. Runeal is an innovative and interdisciplinary researcher who is driven to achieve excellent outcomes for the community.