Research partners

5th Studio

5th Studio is a unique, London-based spatial design agency working across the fields of architecture, urban design, infrastructure and landscape. It´s award-winning work is anchored by the experience of thinking and delivering across this spectrum of scales, disciplines and projects. The studio prides itself on its ability to think, design and organise at a strategic scale – operating across infrastructure, engineering, conservation, ecology and planning. Its work at this extra-large scale – across projects which range from the re-thinking post-industrial landscapes to the strategic planning of future change within historic cities – aims to create strong places by combining visceral and analytical responses to their topographies. 5th Studio’s design approach allies conceptual clarity with practical ‘making’ skills – and is underpinned by a series of principles which inform the way we design and deliver projects. With studios in London, Cambridge and Oxford it is able to maintain a close connection to the people and environments it works with.

This partner is hosting the following positions: 5th Studio-DC1