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Artificial Intelligence Research Institute

The Artificial Intelligence Research Centre (IIIA) is part of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) and currently located with the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB).  In the last 25 years it has grown to become a cohesive group of 60 researchers and engineers, including 20 PhD students with expertise in many areas of Artificial Intelligence: machine learning, knowledge representation, multiagent systems, agreement technologies, natural language processing, reasoning, optimisation, and semantics. It has led over a hundred research projects on fundamental aspects of AI, applying theoretical results to domains as diverse as education, health and manufacturing and technology transfer.  They are proud to be an international reference in AI, with more than 3000 publications since 1985, almost 100 alumni in prestigious research and industrial positions all over the world, and important links to industry and the wider community which they serve through scientific management and advisory positions.

The Artificial Intelligence Research Centre (IIIA) is hosting the following positions:



IIIA-CSIC offers to their Researchers a wide range of training, mentoring and support activities, including:

– Open IIIA (Mentoring program): At IIIA-CSIC is hard to feel lonely. Our open-doors philosophy allows constant and personalised attention for each one of our students. In addition to weekly follow-up meetings with your advisor, you will also be able to meet with other researchers and students to exchange opinions and resolve doubts. At the IIIA-CSIC, we believe that science advances in community, and for this, an open and pleasant environment where no one is above anyone else is crucial. If you want to know a student experience, you can read this interview with Ewa Andrejczuk: “What I really like about IIIA is that everyone is amicable and helpful, and there is no hierarchy”

– Courses and training opportunities: IIIA has a long tradition of running seminars on a regular basis. Weekly seminars are our research staff’s (researchers, post-docs, PhD students, …) primary mechanism for sharing their latest research work with the institute, as well as with researchers in other institutes and the public. They are also used as a grandstand for international researchers that visit the IIIA to present their work. Finally, specialised internal seminars help improve personnel training in different areas, like administrative procedures, technical skills, or infrastructures, among others.

– Language courses: We do not offer language courses, but you can find a variety of courses (Catalan, English, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, German …) in the language department of the UAB, the university where our building is located. In addition, if you want to learn Catalan, you can also take advantage of, a public online courses platform and the courses offered by the Consorci de Normalització Lingüistica.

– Relocation support: At the moment, we do not have a relocation support program, but we can offer our guide and help.

– Cultural and social activities: We firmly believe that in any human activity, people and their wellbeing come first. We have strived to achieve a relaxed yet productive work environment. Social activities have been our way to unite us and give us a sense of community. End-of-year concerts, luncheons in the Catalan countryside, and celebrations of academic success are our signature.

– Further benefits:

· Ars Magna Cluster: A high-performance high-availability computing cluster that operates continuously thanks to its batch system. You can know more about it on ARS Magna Cluster & HPC-AI Services.

· UDT: The UDT-IA is as a service of the IIIA-CSIC research lines promoting the transfer of knowledge and technologies from IIIA research to society, as well as promoting and managing collaboration with innovative companies and organizations that want to incorporate AI into their processes.

· Accident Insurance: The CSIC currently carries insurance through FREMAP, a mutual insurance company.