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Ecole Centrale de Lyon

Ecole Centrale de Lyon is one of the leading scientific graduate schools in France. Steeped in history, Ecole Centrale de Lyon is evolving while continuing to preserve the qualities that fortify its strengths, bolster its prestige and reinforce its appeal. Ranked in the top 5.5% in the 2020 CWUR World University Rankings, some 450 “ingénieurs” (degree equivalent to Master of Science) graduate every year. About 300 researchers work on campus in six main laboratories associated with the French National Centre for Research (CNRS), including the Lyon Institute of Nanotechnology (INL). The INL conducts world-leading multidisciplinary research in the areas of micro and nanotechnologies and their applications. The pioneering research undertaken at the Institute ranges from materials and technology to devices and systems, thus enabling the emergence of dedicated technologies. The Institute is supported in its work by the Nanolyon Technology Platform. INL comprises 200 people including 120 permanent staff and 80 PhD students/postdoctoral fellows. Ecole Centrale de Lyon boasts 17 doctoral schools and offers its doctoral students excellent technical training, flexible lab rotations, as well as training and extensive resources in complimentary research skills.

Ecole Centrale de Lyon is hosting the following positions:

EC Lyon-DC1

EC Lyon-DC2