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Eurecat is currently the leading Technology Centre in Catalonia, and the second largest private research organization in Southern Europe. Eurecat manages a turnover of 50M€ and 650 professionals, is involved in more than 200 R&D projects and has a customer portfolio of over 1.600 business clients. Technology transfer is also an essential activity in Eurecat, with 36 international patents and 7 technology-based companies (eight in Spain and one in Latin America) started-up from the centre. Eurecat R&D, innovation and training activities span from Industrial Technologies to Digital Technologies, and Biotech. Additionally, Eurecat has been accepted by the European Commission as a KETs (Key Enabling Technologies) Technology Centre in order to collaborate with SMEs on close-to-market research and innovation activities.

EURECAT is hosting the following projects:




Eurecat offers his Doctoral Students a wide range of benefits, including:

– Mentoring program: Senior researchers provide mentoring to other researchers and students, providing their expertise, and are available for inquiries, questions and share their knowledge. Eurecat scientific direction supervise the thesis progress.

– Courses and training opportunities:

o General Training: Transversal training promoted by the Talent Management Unit and given by external suppliers and trainers for the development mainly of soft skills but also of those hard skills to be developed for more than one Unit.

o Specific Training: Technical and / or Scientific Training of the managed by Eurecat technological units.

o Internal Training: Internal training (generic or specific) coordinated by the Talent Management Unit and conducted by Eurecat expert workers with the aim of sharing internal knowledge within the organization in different areas.

o Eurecat Academy: Access to the training offer of the Eurecat Training Department, free of charge for workers (social benefit) for their development in soft skills and hard skills.

o BeFlex: Accession to the flexible remuneration plan that allows the employee to replace part of the remuneration to be used for other benefits and products, such as training that is related to work, resulting in a benefit, as the annual amount assigned to training is exempt from tax.

– Language courses: English, Catalan and Spanish courses. All employees are offered the opportunity to learn and improve the main languages we work with at Eurecat.

– Relocation support: Eurecat can contribute to support the visa process and similar administrative formalities.

– Engagement with industry: Eurecat is the leading technological centre in Catalonia dedicated to research and development. Provides to the industrial and business sector with differential technology and advanced knowledge to respond to the innovation needs of companies and to increase their competitiveness. The Doctoral Student will work with industry partners and benefit from specific training (i.e. secondments, site visits, etc.). Particularly, the company TALLERES VIC is willing to contribute in one or more of the following points:

o Mentoring

o Access to facilities, samples, data

o Site visits or short stays

o Training on use of equipment or techniques

o Any other useful engagement that supports the doctoral research project