Research partners

HESAM Université

HESAM Université is made up of 15 French and international higher education institutions forming educational, research and corporate networks and dedicated to the challenges of demographic, digital, technological and social transformation. Based in the Latin quarter of Paris and active in all regions of France, it aims to create a new kind of university, based on interdisciplinarity and sharing of knowledge and skills developed by its members. Institutions have decided to partner with us in order to enhance their potential in their respective fields of excellence through inter-institutional cooperation.

The members of HESAM Université share the common goal of building a new interdisciplinary university of knowledge bringing together the various institutions’ cultures and scientific approaches to educate an increasingly wide and diversified public. This association has led to the creation of an interdisciplinary Research Graduate School, a natural step towards achieving this cooperation at the global level.

HESAM’s philosophy is “professionalise academics and academise professionals.” All the research and educational programmes of HESAM Université and its members have the dual ambition of academic and professional excellence. This ambition is expressed in innovative project-based pedagogy that is in close collaboration with the territories and the socio-professional world. This ambition is also expressed by encouraging agile, swift research that is in sync with the changes in our societies while maintaining the openness of mind necessary for innovation.