Qing Yu

Qing Yu is an interior design professional with a strong academic background. She graduated with a first-class bachelor’s degree from Sichuan Fine Art Institute (China) in 2016, followed by a master’s degree with distinction from the University of Portsmouth (UK) in 2018, both specialising in interior architecture and design. Notably, during her master’s programme, she undertook an interesting dissertation project in a village in Fiji. She immersed herself in the local community for a month, conducting ethnographic research focusing on post-disaster architectural construction.

In 2019, Qing relocated to Melbourne, Australia, in pursuit of refining her skills and gaining practical experience in the design industry. This endeavour allowed her to further develop her expertise and broaden her professional network.

In November 2022, Qing started her PhD research as a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) Fellow, where the research topic is situated in relation to the design of the future space of cultural institutions. This opportunity allows her to collaborate with RMIT University, Politecnico di Milano and Triennale di Milano to achieve the research objective. This collaboration not only provides her with a remarkable perspective to explore a series of curatorial undertakings, in particular the 24th Triennale Milano International Exhibition in 2025, but has also led to the merging of her role as an interior designer with that of a curator and researcher.