Najam Ul Zia

Najam Ul Zia is a researcher and Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellow under the REDI program at LUT Finland. His prior appointments include; researcher at the Faculty of Management and Economics at […]

Julián Jerónimo Bañuelos

Julián Jerónimo Bañuelos is a Mexican national enrolled in the position of Ambient intelligence and wireless communications at Aalto University in Greater Helsinki, Finland, as part of the REDI PhD […]

Leonie Paul

Leonie is a junior researcher in Management and Business studies, with a specific research interest in sustainable business development and the necessary cognitive shifts required to implement sustainability in corporate […]

Daniel Stabler

Daniel is originally from Brighton, in the south of England. He has, however, lived in Denmark, Scotland, Germany and now Finland over the last 7 years. He has an MSc […]

Noopoor Misal

Noopoor is an Innovation Management enthusiast with a keen interest in Sustainability implications that innovation brings. Her research is focused on Cross-Border Digital Business Models and the kind of sustainability […]