Michalina Maria Czaplicka

Misia, a PhD researcher jointly affiliated with Politecnico di Torino and RMIT Australia, is currently engaged in works on the development of a vasculature model using cutting-edge organ-on-chip and microfluidics […]

Qing Yu

Qing Yu is an interior design professional with a strong academic background. She graduated with a first-class bachelor’s degree from Sichuan Fine Art Institute (China) in 2016, followed by a […]

Nithya D S

Nithya is a REDI PhD. student, MSCA research fellow and an aerospace systems engineer with research interests in the field of Advanced Air Mobility (AAM), Urban Air Mobility (UAM), air […]

Milica Božić

Milica Božić (1997) is an architect and a researcher from Belgrade, Serbia. She finished her bachelor’s RIBA Part I and master’s RIBA Part II studies at the Faculty of Architecture, […]

Francesca Vanelli

Francesca is an Architect, Urban Planner, and Land Specialist. She is a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellow under the REDI Program, pursuing a Dual PhD Program at POLIMI and RMIT. Her thematic […]