Associate Professor Christelle Monat

Christelle Monat, PhD, graduated as an engineer from École Centrale de Lyon in 2003. She was appointed Associate Professor at ECL in 2010 after working as a post-doctoral researcher at EPFL (2004-2005) and The University of Sydney (2005-2010). She lectures in Physics and within the Nanoscale Engineering Masters Program. She is part of the Nanophotonics research group at INL and a member of the Institut Universitaire de France since 2013. Her research is focused on all-optical signal processing on chip. This includes the use of nanometric periodic structures to control and slow down light in order to create a chip-scale integrated photonic platform for routing and processing information, directly in the optical domain, within compact, high-speed devices with low power consumption. She received a European grant GRAPHICS (2015-2020), for studying the use of graphene for integrated optics, and collaborates with Australian groups within the French-Australian international joint laboratory.

More information about her projects can be found here:

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