Professor Anne-Laure Mention

Professor Anne-Laure Mention is the Director of the Global Business Innovation Enabling Capability Platform at RMIT University. She is the academic lead of the OpenInnoTrain, Research and Innovation Staff Exchange (RISE) and EINST4INE European Training Network (ETN) projects, a regular keynote speaker at academic and industry conferences, and co-founding editor of the Open Access Journal of Innovation Management. She has several visiting positions in Europe and Asia, and for seven years led a team of 20+ researchers in innovation economics and management in Europe. At RMIT, Professor Mention has built one of the largest multidisciplinary research teams focusing on open innovation across Asia-Pacific, with research projects at the intersection of technology, strategy and people, spanning across levels of analysis (individuals, teams, organisations, ecosystems, nations). She also sits on the scientific or advisory board of several international organisations in the field of technology and innovation management. She has been awarded the prestigious IBM Faculty Award twice for her research on innovation. Professor Mention´s research interests include: open and collaborative innovation, innovation economics, technology management, business venturing, fintech.

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