Supervisors: Distinguished Prof. Arnan Mitchell (RMIT) and Associate Prof. Matteo Cocuzza (POLITO)  and Cecilia Pederzolli (FBK) Project 1: Lab-on-a-chip for early detection of Sars COV2 This project focuses on the […]

EUT-DC2: Additive Manufacturing

Supervisors: Prof. Raj Das (RMIT) and Associate Prof. Andrey Molotnikov (RMIT) and Prof. Daniel Casellas (EUT) and Full Prof. Antonio Mateo (UPC) Project 1: Understanding fatigue resistance of AM parts […]

EUT-DC1: Additive Manufacturing

Supervisors: Prof. Mark Easton (RMIT) and Dr. Jordi Pijuan (EUT) and Lecturer Prof. Maria Niubo (UPC)  Project 1: Advanced Recyclable Aluminium Alloys for Additive Manufacturing The focus of this project […]

EC Lyon-DC2: Integrated Nonlinear optics

Project 1: Pulse laser deposition lift-off based integration for nonlinear applications Pulsed Laser Deposition is a very promising technics for integrated optics since it can provide high quality materials and […]