UIC-DC2: Inclusive Design for Urban Reconstruction

Supervisors: Dr. Carmen Mendoza Arroyo, Prof. Esther Charlesworth and Dr. Apen Ruiz Martinez (Project 1). Project 1: Gender-based post-conflict urban reconstruction Gender shapes how communities, institutions and livelihoods are organized, as […]

EUT-DC3: Nutrition and health

Supervisors: Dr. Thi Thu Hao Van, Dr. Daniel Dias, Dr. Josep Mª Del Bas and Dr. Jordi Mayneris Perxachs.   Project 1: Understanding the role of gut-brain axis Information from […]

UoK-DC1: Additive manufacturing of Ti alloys

Supervisors:  Associate Prof. Andrey Molotnikov and Prof. Dr. – Ing. Thomas Niendorf (UoK) and Philipp Krooss (UoK) and industry mentor Dr. Markus Weinmann Project 1: Ti-based alloys for biomedical applications This […]

TUHH-DC2: Multi-Material Additive Manufacturing

Supervisors: Prof. Claus Emmelmann (TUHH), Dr. Ing. Dirk Herzog (TUHH) and Associate Prof. Andrey Molotnikov (RMIT), Distinguished Prof. Milan Brandt (RMIT) Project 1: Multi-Material Additive Manufacturing Multi-Material Additive Manufacturing could […]

TUHH-DC1: Additive Manufacturing and AI

Supervisors: Associate Prof. Andrey Molotnikov (RMIT) and Distinguished Prof. Milan Brandt (RMIT) and Prof. Dr. Ing. Claus Emmelmann (TUHH) and Dr. – Ing. Dirk Herzog (TUHH) Project 1: Federated Learning […]